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Christy Faris

Psychic / Medium / Owner

Christy has seen spirit since she was a little girl. Raised Southern Baptist when her parents couldn't understand her gifts, she learned to tune her gifts out. It wasn't until her late 20's a friend took her to a psychic for her birthday... well that experience changed her life. Fast forward to present times Christy started a shop in St. Petersburg, Florida over 16 years ago called Christy's Enchanted Notions. She's been reading and guiding people with her gifts for over 20 years. Jon joined her 8 years ago where he brought in his love for stones & Crystals. They currently still own this shop where they employee 4 employees & 6 Readers/Healers. Christy's Love for empowering & helping people has kept her doing what she loves... Teaching Psychic Development, Tarot, Readings, Creating Products for the shop and Wholesale as well and Mediumship.

Jon Faris

Stone & Crystal Guru / Owner

Jon has a deep passion for crystals and stones since joining Christy 8 years ago. It wasn't until one day, he realized that a stone he had that his Grandfather gifted him, ended up having more of a connection than  he could have imagined. HIs Grandfather belonged to a Gem and Mineral Society. One day his Grandfather stumbled across a red piece of Jasper. spelled out in the formation of the mineral specimen was his name "JON" His Grandfather had to have it for his grandson. Jon now posses this beautiful stone which has only fueled his love for stones & crystals, but also the magical properties each one holds. Stop by and pick his brain and let him help find you the perfect stone for the energy or properties of things you need.

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